Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spirit Week

    It’s Spirit Week!!

Injure the Wildcats; wear scrubs or a bandage.
Overpower the Wildcats; dress as a super hero or wear a super hero T-shirt.
Open house 5:30-6:30
Knock the Wildcats around the world; dress from a different culture or wear a T-shirt from a different state/country.
Report Cards
Make the Wildcats see Stars; dress like a celebrity, wear a celebrity T-shirt, or shades.
Spirit Day; come in your Red, White, and/or Black to cheer on our TROJANS! ~ We will be going to a District Pep Rally at COHS gym @1:45 pm.


Mr Heap said...

I find your lives very interesting but very confusiong. Another blog post that I don't really understand! I learnt so much about the rodio perhaps you could answer these new questions.

Why is it called spirit week?
Is this some kind of match between the wildcats and the trojans? If so what sport?
Is this during school time?

Aimie Patrick said...

Spirit Week is where we show our school spirit. It is usually the week of homecoming. Homecoming is a big deal here. The girls wear mums and the boys get garters.
It is a match between the Splendora Wildcats and Coldspring Trojans!! The sport we are talking about is football. In Texas we take our football VERY serious. Some kids start playing here at age 5.
Thanks for visiting!

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