Monday, September 17, 2012

Preparations for Fair and Rodeo

 Ribbons, Rides and Rodeo

San Jacinto County Fair is gearing up for lots of food, fun and rodeo!  Some of our students show animals, break- away, muttin-bustin, barrel racing, team roping, and tie down roping just to name a few.

Students work hard all year to show these animals and we are very proud of them.  There is also an art competition, auctions and other things to enjoy. 


Mr Heap said...

Howdy Texas!
This fair sounds great! I was wondering though if you could tell us a little bit more. Lots of these activities sound really fun but I don't know what they are. Here are some guesses.

Show animals? What kind? Buffalo? Tigers?
Break away? - That's the name of a chocolate bar in England.
Muttin-bustin - Sheep fighting??
Barrel racing - In some parts of England people roll sheep down hills and then try and beat it to the bottom. Is this the same?
Team roping - is this tug-of-war?
Tie down roping - frankly sounds illegal!!

Anyway perhaps you could leave a post with a bit more detail and maybe even some pictures!!


Mr Heap
Plymouth Grove Primary

PS Not sure how the children are going to be able to leave comments when it is your turn to quadblog as you need to have some sort of account to publish.. Ours don't!

Aimie Patrick said...

Mr. Heap,
You’re funny! We show animals like rabbits, chickens, steers, and pigs. Muttin Bustin is where the little kids get on the sheep and hold on for as long as they can without falling off. Barrel Racing is when you have race around the barrels on your horse without knocking the barrels over and whoever does it the fastest gets a big belt buckle. Team roping is when you and a friend have to rope a calf that they release from the holding pen. Tie down roping is not illegal but just when you have to rope a calf and tie their feet up.
The rodeo started Saturday so we will be posting pictures for you to see how we rodeo in Texas!
Team Patrick

PS- students are responding by writing it down first and then I type, until we can get the students unblocked from the blog.

Mr Heap said...

Wow... funnily enough most of that probably is illegal here!!! I love the idea of Muttin Bustin. Next stop youtube!!
I must add that I made a slight slip in my previous message. It is in fact a large round CHEESE that gets rolled down a hill and not a sheep... although the simple typo may be a brand new festival in some sleepy hamlet somewhere here in the UK. If it isn't... it should be!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Wow your blog looks ace. Have you checked out our blog yet, hope you like it. Well I like the video of the fair, looks so much fun. I like the blog guy as well. EW

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